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Rebates For Home Buyers Program

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Simply put, we don't need to. We make our money from the shared referral commission from our network of Buyer's Real Estate Agents. We rebate half of this commission to you. Our Buyer's Real Estate Agents service all of your needs in the purchase of your dream home. In addition, you get a cash rebate at closing.
Member Benefits:
  • Technology combined with personal vetting that matches you with the top local Buyer’s Agent to help you find and buy the home that’s right for you. Vacation and multi-family homes also!
  • Our Buyer’s Real Estate Agents are committed to working with you to get the best deal possible
  • Outstanding personal customer service
  • Your reward will be given upon closing. Use it any way you want! *
  • A Program that you can trust
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


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The formula is simple… we give you half of the referral commission that we receive.
Your Home Buyers Rebate is paid at closing, or as otherwise required by law in the state that your home is located in.
At closing through escrow, or as required by law in the state of closing that your home is located in.
We can’t encourage you to switch agents. You must use one of our PREB Network Agents to get a cash rebate.
Yes, there is full transparency throughout the transaction.
The Home Buyers Rebate is only available to Home Buyers at this time
The rebate is available on all homes purchased in the USA, where applicable by and permitted by law, as long as you are a member and register with and use an agent in the Partners Real Estate Brokerage Network as your buying agent.
In order to get a Home Buyers Rebate you must be a member, be referred to and use one of our PREB Network Agents. It must also be in a state where the program is allowed. If you have already engaged an agent not in our network, you will probably not be able to get a Home Buyers Rebate.


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Our Partner Agent has agreed to provide us a referral commission that we are going to split 50-50 with you.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
The Buyers’ Agreement is for your protection, it provides the information we need to establish your/our rights and clarifies your Home Buyers Rebate.
The Department of Justice supports buyers rebates in 40 states. Individual states have established their own real estate laws and some have chosen not to allow buyer rebates. The guides listed below provide more details.