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We connect you with the best Buyer's Agent to help you buy your new home

You get a cash rebate* at closing on the purchase price of the home you buy!

Our Nationwide Network Of Buyer’s Agents Work For You, Not the Seller

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  • They’ll find the right property and location for you meeting all your needs.
  • They’ll help negotiate your offer and present it to the seller's agent.
  • They’ll negotiate on your behalf and write up the contracts for you,
  • They’ll be able to refer you to reliable mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, movers, and other real estate professionals. This can also help expedite each step of the process and move you to a successful real estate sale all the faster.
  • They’ll guide you through the home-buying transaction and be at your disposal for any questions or concerns from start to finish

* Only Buyer's Agents in our network have agreed to share their commissions so you can get your rebate

How your rebate is calculated and paid

Home Cost

Home Seller pays

6% Commission
$ -----

Commission is split

50% to Seller’s Agent (3%)
$ -----
50% to Buyer’s Agent (3%)
$ -----

Buyer’s Agent gives RFHB a 35% referral fee of their commission

35% of 3% commission
$ -----

RFHB splits our referral fee with Buyer as the rebate paid at Closing

50% of RFHB referral Fee
$ -----

YOUR REBATE Cash at Closing

* Indicated rebate is an estimate based on the standard closing broker commission of 6%. If the commission changes, the rebate will be changed proportionately

Connect With A Buyer's Agent
No Cost No Obligation

Connect With A Buyer's Agent
No Cost No Obligation


A Buyer’s Agent is a trusted guide who guides you through every step of buying a home. Most home buyers don’t realize that there is a big difference between a Buyer's Agent and a Seller's Agent.

Buyer's Agents are legally bound to help buyers, whereas listing agents—the real estate agent representing the home listing—have a fiduciary duty to the home seller. Imagine how that works during price negotiations.

We Can Work With These & Other Trusted Brokerages.